Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Week of Visitations!

This has been THE week for visitations in my classroom!

To start, my "procedures" were mentioned in the weekly staff "Leadership Blast" newsletter.  I do believe the word "impeccable" was used to describe my classroom procedures!  It's all because of Whole Brain Teaching!

Last week, my principal asked me if I would volunteer to have principals visit my classroom to practice using the new teacher evaluation tool that our district is implementing this year.  Of course, I jumped at the chance to expand my abilities and possibly make new professional contacts.  This Tuesday morning, five principals were in my classroom observing my teaching abilities and checking my student learning maps, word wall, and classroom procedures.  The visiting principals were not allowed to tell me or my principal what they wrote on the observations, but I have a feeling that the observation went very well!

On Wednesday, visitors from the Florida Department of Education in Tallahassee came to the school to continue their assistance in implementing curriculum changes.  At one time, I had five visitors in my classroom.  Again, my procedures, classroom management, and teaching abilities were observed. 

Today, our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Sherrie Nickell, came to visit!  I have never had the opportunity to meet our Superintendent, but I must say that it was meant for me to meet her today in this school with this group of students.  Dr. Nickell and my principal, Mrs. Gordon, observed my utilizing Whole Brain Teaching methods including classroom expectations and gestures.  My hands were covered in chalk as I keep the scoreboard on my chalkboard.  I did not want to shake her hand for fear of getting chalk on her!  She remarked that ALL of my students were on task and engaged in the learning taking place.  What a compliment!  We discussed my joining the Aspiring Leaders program this year, and she wished me well!

I jokingly posted on Facebook that I assume my next visitor will be President Obama!  Wouldn't that be a wonderful way to end such a positive week?  Well, either that, or the pizza party my students earned for their compliment chain reaching from the ceiling to the floor in only 14 days of school?  Way to go ladies and gentlemen!

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